Thursday, June 9, 2011

One, two, three... GO!

Guys... I can do nothing only apologise, a month of nothing-ness is shocking behavious altogether. I've just had a bit of a tough time regarding my now ex boyfriend and havn't felt much like posting to be honest.

BUT... I fully intend on getting back into the swing of things, sooo without further ado, here it goes...

So, another bank holiday rolled around recently, and instead of doing what everyone else no doubt did and spend friday, saturday, AND sunday (oh the novelty..) getting trollied (extra trollied on sunday, just cos we can like..), I instead ran my poor little legs into the ground and did the mini marathon on Monday. Now, as a girl who's favourite things in life include my bed, my slippers, a cup of tea, and my bed again, running 10km (six miles to those of you not with the auld metric system) was not a walk in the park. My usual gym routine includes a 5km run, which I was used to doing in just under half an hour, so logically I figured I'd be able to knock out 10km in an hour at most.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Here are some life lessons:
- Just because you can run five kilometres, does not mean you can double it.
- Running on a treadmill is very different to running on actual ground, and is in fact a lot easier.
- Treadmills generally do not include very steep hills.
- Nor do they rain on you.

As it was my first year doing the mini marathon, I grossly underanticipated the amount of people that would show up. Myself and my friends registered as joggers rather than runners, so we should have been allowed to go after the runners had started, with all of those who registered as walkers behind us. This is done to allow those who want to run/jog the space to do it, while everyone else ambles along stopping for picnics halfway (no joke..)

However, the barrier to the Joggers start line was closed off after only half of them were allowed to start, meaning the rest of us were stuck halfway down the MASSES of walkers. Disaster! I honestly had to walk the first two and a half to three kilomoetres purely because there simply wasn't room to run. You were dodging in and out of people and stopping/starting/stopping all the time - it was so irritating, and I was so angry as this definitely impacted my finishing time.

Which was, in the end, and hour and twenty minutes. So I have decided that I can definitely shave off twenty minutes next year and do it in an hour if I get myself to the front this time!

Oh and another life lesson... you won't believe the amount of people stopping into Starbucks along the way. Seriously, how are you planning to run with a hot cup of coffee in your hands...??

PS: you have got to check out Google today, its definitely one of their best homepages ever!


  1. hey girl, great to see u back :) Congrats on the marathon! whatever way you've done it, fair play, I've never even got close to signing up...

  2. Welcome back! As one of those people who gets really aggravted by slow walking tourists on narrow streets, I feel your marathon pain. Not literally though. I'd be fainting after 10k - well done you!

  3. Thanks guys! Good to be back.. :-)

    Argh Sarah I know, it was like a street full of THOUSANDS of slow walking tourists and your were trying to run through them all - very frustrating!

  4. welcome back! :) sorry to hear about your breakup, hard times, I know how you feel. and serious well done on the marathon... I've never done one, I'm so ashamed (and in awe of those that do!!)