Monday, June 20, 2011

Summah summah summah time!

This is an unashamed rant!

Well. It's the 20th of June. Its summer. All the kids are on their holliers.

And. Its. RAINING.

For fuck sake Ireland, can ye not cut us poor people who stayed here to weather out the storm (no pun intended..) a bitta slack?? I want my promised heatwave, you weather bastards, not continuous facebook updates from those who fecked off to australia and the likes about how its ONLY twenty five degrees there today; my god you better crack out the hats and scarves lads lest you all freeze to death in such miserable weather.

And to top it off, weather experts have predicted that we will end up with an Arctic winter this year (how they can they incorrectly predict the weather for tomorrow and yet still have the balls to tell us what several months away is going to be like is beyond me...)

Well. That's just great. As if several feet of snow trapping me in my house last year wasn't 'arctic' enough no?? What else can we possibly get - polar bears wandering the streets?? "Ah lads look there's a polar bear - sure now it feels like the arctic!"

And the fact that its gloriously sunny when I wake up is just plain cruelty. Off I trot to my car, gleefully throwing my umbrella back in the house and abandoning my Uggs. I roll the window down and zoom happily along, eagerly imagining lunch outside on the grass with my sunglasses on.

But NO. Oh no, because by about half eleven, its like the sun was just never there. Well, cheers for that cruel little teaser. Its like the final Harry Potter trailer - totally amazing for about two and a half minutes, then it ends and leaves you wanting more. At least we'll get that on July 15th - I have my doubts that the sun will also show up by then... prove me wrong you shiny ball of crap!


  1. baaaahaaaahaa..."prove me wrong you shiny ball of crap!" - Im skittin! damn this country to hell anyway, its bollocks. and as if the rain aint bad enough its actually really cold! all my summer clothes are going to WASTE!

  2. haha! That post is class. Are we really going to have an arctic winter...?!?! I need the weather to be good otherwise I won't be able to do my managerial job selling ice creams... *le sigh*.... plus where I work needs the good weather.... grrrrrr damn you weather!!

    and I totally agree with Skinni Peach I haven't worn half my summer wardrobe yet, I'm still in my winter warmers!!! :(


  3. I have heard more than one rumour regarding this supposed 'arctic winter' I'm afraid... however, we could take comfort in the fact that this comes from those who also predicted a heatwave this summer!!

    Argh, so many cute summer dresses just going to waste... :-(