Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bridesmaids or and entire fleet of bridezillas??

I am permanently scarred for life. I saw a large, unnattractive sweaty woman both vomit and deal with diahorrea at the same time, another soiled her own wedding dress, and another one rolled around on the grass covered in chocolate cake. And these are the polite aspects of the movie Bridesmaids.

Kristen Wiig plays Annie, a thirty something woman who has managed to convice herself that she's totally OK with the friends-with-benefits situation she's gotten herself into with Ted (John Hamm); despite the fact that Ted wears the definition of the word 'friend' very thin and evokes more of the 'total dickhead' personna. Add to that her personal space invading Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum flatmates, and the fact that Annie hates her job, and you have one miserable lady.

The icing on the cake though comes when Annie's best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) decides to get engaged. Well, that's a slap in the face. It gets better though - Lillian's brand new other best friend is the stunningly beautiful and exquisitely elegant Helen (played by Rose Byrne - Briseis from Troy, bet you'd never have spotted that one if I hadn't told you). If Annie had a pair of balls, this would surely be the kick in them.

Barely five minutes into the film is the scene where everyone toasts the newly engaged couple, and this is what sets the pace for the rest of the film ... and you begin to wonder exactly what you've gotten yourself in for. Annie and Helen engage in what is easily the most cringey scene in a movie I've ever wittnessed. Honestly - I was actually hiding behind my hands at this total and utter travesty, the sheer humiliation of both parties was almost too much for me to handle. If you lap up this kind of stuff though, this might just be the best thing you've ever seen.

Untill, that is, the dress fitting scene.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

No really - OHDEARLORD.

Annie tries to outdo Helen by bringing the bridal party to a great little Brazillian resteraunt, but once the gang get to the dress shop afterwards you very slowly start to realise that they are all (except Helen, who - rather wisely, upon reflection - snubbed the food) suffering from food poisoning. Whatever it is they've eaten, their bodies want rid of it...

I don't feel its necessary to explain that last sentence.

The sheer volume of absolute revulsion over what is happening is completely unapologetic, and culminating in a scene so horrifying that you will either be legging it from the cinema crying because you will now break out into a sweat everytime you walk past a bridal shop for the rest of your life, or falling out of your seat crying tears of blissful laughter. Either way, its a scene that sticks in your mind.

This is the peak of the movie. As a primarily female audience (although there were a fair few males in my screen), we're really not used to this level of disgustingness (its a word..) This is the female version of the likes of Superbad; who said girls don't get toilet humour??

The beauty of this film is actually in the revulsion; the female rivalry thing has been done to death, lets be honest, but most of it has been pandering to silly stereotypes about girls cat fighting over what shoes to wear. Bridesmaids takes on a whole new level because the cast are more than willing to just embrace the gross out bits, and aren't afraid to do things that make them look highly unattractive - lets be honest, sweaty diarohhea is no one's friend.

Watch out for Irish boy Chris O'Dowd, who's portrayal of Nathan Rhodes the cop is really well done. The knight in shining armour scene at the end is cliched, but other than that, his attraction with Annie is believable. Another star is Melissa McCarthy - you might also know her as Sookie from the Gilmore Girls (which I am sad to say, I can now never watch again in quite the same way...) She plays Megan, Lillian's fiance's large, loud, and brash sister. Most of the more spectacular one liners come from her, and she doesn't shy away or tone down her vulgarity at all - she really couldn't be less attractive throughout this film, and more power to her as a great actress for that, as she hit the nail spot on the head.

Director Paul Feig (Mr Pool from Sabrina, would you believe?!) has a lot to be proud of, and while I am still trying to banish certain scenes from my memory forever so I can once again sleep peacefully - or not shudder violently at the thought of Brazillian food - Bridesmaids is a piece of comedic genious, and if you're OK with a little gross out humour, I definitely reccomend it. Just don't go on a full stomach...


  1. saw this the other day! God that part where they were trying on the dress, i nearly DIED it was so disgusting, but so so funny!!

  2. Ha I know, it was absolutely one of the grossest scenes in a movie I've ever had to watch!

  3. Rose Byrne has some seriously sad, pretty eyes. I would marry this girl in a heartbeat (In a few select states, and if she were into women), Just so I could wake up to that face, and those sad, pretty eyes every morning.