Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night night!

My body clock had only just readjusted, and then I went and stayed up til five in the morning on friday night, and half two last night, and then slept until eleven yesterday and this morning.


Basically, a week away will mess up your system, especially if your system is as annoying as mine and involved getting up at stupid o'clock to be in work by half seven, and going to bed while its broad daylight and the kids are still playing on the streets. Tough aul life.

The entire week I was away, I didn't go to be before 4am once - purely because I could do that. In fact, on the second last night I didn't go to bed until eleven o'clock the next morning, and then slept until dinner. To top it off, our flight home was at 7.30am and so we didn't go to bed at all.

This never ends well for anyone. Needless to say I crashed big time when I got home, slept for most of the afternoon, and then proceeded to lie wide awake all night long shooting counting sheep.

My alarm is set for 6am as usual, and I'm wide awake.

There's really no easy way to do it... you just have to force your body back into its normal sleeping pattern. And if that means I have to take a leaf out of Homer Simpson's book, then so be it.

Any tips for falling asleep...? And please don't recommend hot chocolate - I've had two already..

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  1. haha love the picture! if you're up at all hours you might aswell be out karin... ;-) welcome home!