Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ten Things I've Been Lovin Lately

Ten Things I've Been Lovin Lately...

Electric Picnic
Yeeeeowwww!! Bleedin amazeballs. We only got there on Saturday due to some unfortunate mishaps with work, but still - pitched the tent, downed a few cans, and went straight to the muzak. By far the absolute highlight was the Chemical Brothers .... wow. Like... wow. They were on for nearly two hours and the whole time was just non stop raving. Arcade Fire were also very good, as was Pulp. The drive home on Monday morning however... not so good. Also probably not legal, the state I was in...

X Factor
YES!! Saturday night pre-drinking games are back. Newly added -drink every time Kelly Rowland says something ghetto, drink every time one of the judges 'cries', and drink every time Louis's eyes light up like dollar signs when someone shite but 'loveable' comes on stage. I was trollied last weekend...

Got a lotta gigs lined up over the next few months - Cutcopy, Foster the People, The Naked and Famous, Britney (slightly out of place in that line up, I know!) and potentially 2Many DJ'S (again). Now all I need is for someone to magically source a pair of Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets and all will be well with the world... hint hint??

Work nights out
Yussss everything is paid for. We went on a pretty epic pub crawl last weekend, which involved several embarrassing but amazing tasks to be done in order to win points. There was an open bar also... and then this is where the auld memory gets a bit hazy.  D2 was involved, as was Krystle... and then a very long walk home. I spent the whole next day curled up in a ball in the foetal position ... and then went out again that night. Hence the reason I spent the whole of the following week with no voice. Not great when your job involves being on air. Hmm...

I'm With You
The new Red Hot Chili Peppers album. Far better than the last, although not quite as good at previous ones. Still, a solid effort from a band that has been around for over twenty years. My favourite track is Brendan's Death Song, definitely give it a listen.

Peanutbutter M&M's
A friend was in the states over the summer and brought me back a GIANT bag - seriously, it will keep me going until Christmas. If you've never had them, shit buzz for you, you're missing out big time!

I know, I'm very much a latecomer to this game, but I finally joined and have barely been off it since. This would be fine if my Facebook addicition had somewhat subsided in its place - it has not. My phone never leaves my hands now. I am a real life disaster.

I was at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago, and I hadn't been to one in quite some time, so I'd forgotten how much fun they are. It was down in the Summerhill Hotel in Enniskerry, and they got very lucky with the weather. Cake was delish.

Getting More Air Time
Its my voice reading the news for a minute. There's just nothing quite like it when that's exactly where you want to be in life :-)

Game Of Thrones
Jaysus. Why had I never watched this before?! There's ten episodes in the series, each being an hour long, and I squeezed all of them in in five days. I'd always loved Sean Bean, and this just cemented my belief that he's an unbelievably talented actor. Every episode ends on a cliffie (which is probably why I watched three in a row one evening), and the plot is fantastic. Highly reccommended. Even just to watch Sean Bean.

Tweet Tweet!

I finally gave in and joined Twitter... and it's safe to say I am addicted.

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